Doers Tech Enterprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: Supporting Organizations in Enhancing their Field Force Efficiency

CIO Vendor Field Force Automation has emerged as an important function owing to its huge potential to save time, reduce costs and ensure seamless sales force operations. With more and more industries employing a large deskless workforce across widespread geographical boundaries to perform a diverse set of tasks, field force automation(FFA)has proved to be a game changer that not only ensures greater employee engagement and efficiency in the field but also improves the communication between the management and their workforce. However, despite the innumerable benefits offered by FFA technology, deploying these solutions is no easy task with businesses facing challenges in building systems that can enable effective frontline operations management, capturing and sharing of data in realtime and enabling connectivity in both online and offline modes with automatic synchronization of data. Perfectly understanding these challenges, Chennai headquartered Doers Tech steps forward to address them with a comprehensive CRM solution to facilitate organizations with a realtime window into their workforce.

Since its inception, Doers Tech has been on a mission to empower enterprises to develop innovative solutions and services that utilize the best open source technologies. Endeavoring to simplify Enterprise IT with high usability enterprise applications, Doers Tech brings to the fore its all inclusive ERP and CRM systems that have been built with the company's deep domain knowledge and industry expertise. These applications have been tailored to be flexible, cost effective and to accommodate all functional needs of clients from different industry verticals. Moreover, they are also equipped with realtime field force tracking systems to provide enterprises with complete access to the location of their field workforce along with intelligent task management features to empower the field team group. “Doers Tech believes that managing a team of field force has to be agile as they are the face of the company and the service they provide shapes the customers' perception,” opines Vignesh Pechimuthu, Managing
Director, Doers Tech Enterprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd. “We have thus built a system which provides unique intelligence with data, to help enterprises better manage and utilize the time and efficiency of their field force,”he adds.

We have built a system which provides unique intelligence with data, to help enterprises better manage and utilize the time and efficiency of their field force

Field force management today has grown in importance to be on par with major business activities such as Marketing, CRM and other administration tasks. Understanding the importance of this function, Doers Tech has developed CRM and ERP systems with real-time field force tracking to determine the exact location of technicians. These systems are also provided with an in-built data engine to categorize the technicians based on their skill levels and determine the best man for the job. With 360 degree customer account visibility, geotagged attendance, GPS time tracking, realtime location sharing and features for effective follow ups,KITES' CRM app allows complete transparency for both the company as well as its employees. Doers Tech also provides Presales and Postsales CRM Team tracking solutions to help companies streamline their sales processes, manage the sales pipelines, track contacts, and configure products as well as intuitive mobile and web apps to bring together all important stakeholders.

Having carried out several challenging CRM, ERP and fieldforce automation implementations over the years, Doers Tech has carved a niche for itself in this domain. Moving forward, the company plans to integrate its Post sales and Presales Teamtrack CRM as well as introduce new features such as AR, Cloud Telephony and Payment gateway, into its solutions in the upcoming future.