Findfacts Innovation Centre: Empowering Organizations with Increased Field Force Productivity

CIO Vendor Business environments today have grown more dynamic than ever and have only reinforced the need for automation to manage field sales teams. Sales force automation is thus being increasingly employed across organizations to automatically manage client and customer visits, dealer & market visit, Order Booking , account information, customer databases, order & invoices, and to track systems on a realtime basis. Corroborating this fact are research reports which forecast the Global Sales Force Automation Market to grow at a CAGR of 10.6 percent and reach USD 7,773 million by 2023. However, even with this progress, carrying out sales force automation successfully is no easy task with organizations facing a number of hurdles in implementation such as unstructured master data, need for system training, resistance from managers and executives and challenges of system integrations and post implementation monitoring.

Perfectly understanding these challenges, Hyderabad headquartered Findfacts Innovation Centre steps forward to address them with a complete suite of Sales Force Automation and Field Team Automation solutions, to enhance revenue.

Founded in 2013, Findfacts is a Field Team Automation solution company that was established with a vision to help organizations increase their field force productivity and impact the top line by leveraging a team of highly skilled professionals with business leadership experience. Findfacts offers Sales Force Automation and Field Force Automation solutions that are Cloud based and mobile app driven. Speaking on the evolution of the FieldForce automation market over the years, Sam Elangalloor, CEO & Co-Founder elaborates, “The automation solutions that were initially present in the market were all web based and called for the use of hardware which was not consistent with the practices in India.” “However,the introduction of Cloudbased SaaS models in the country ensured that the clients no
longer needed to invest in hardware for their field force automation,”he adds.

Findfacts provides its solutions on SaaS based User Licensing models. The company's expansive portfolio of offerings includes Sales Force Automation,Retail /Mass Distribution solutions(Distributor Management, Retail Trade management),Lead management solutions, Customer Contact Management, Field Installation & Service Solution, Field Asset Tracking & Audit, KYC, Field Collection & Field Address Verification Solutions.

Findfacts utilizes its expertise to provide customized solutions that can align with the actual needs of the people on the field

When it comes to fieldforce automation solutions, Findfacts utilizes its expertise to provide customized solutions that can align with the actual needs of the people on the field. All solutions are hybrid online/offline, which are equipped with the ability to function the entire day without network connectivity and to automatically sync with the backend, once the network becomes available. Another key feature of Findfacts' fieldforce solutions is the simplified and error proof user interface which is designed to prevent users from making mistakes. The company also offers post implementation support and hand holding to its clients, through a full fledged technical call center and field support team.

Having carried out several successful sales force automation implementations over the years, Findfacts has established a strong hold in this domain. As a testament to this, the company today serves an expansive clientele that includes both large corporates as well as small and medium sized companies which rely on FindFacts to automate their fieldforce operations. Moving forward, Findfacts intends to bring more innovations into the industry in the upcoming future as well as expand into Africa, where the company sees immense potential for growth.