Kaladi Consulting Services: Providing Intuitive and User Friendly Application for Complex Supply Chains

CIO Vendor When the CEO of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company in Africa called for product demonstration of field force application, Kaladi Consulting Services aced the demonstration, surprising the CEO on the product’s user intuitive capabilities, compared to the MNC’s field force product. A market report by Allied Market Research specifies on the field force software penetration into African countries, which reads that the market has dearth of skilled professionals and lags in technological awareness. This fact makes it challenging for the companies to successfully establish their technological products in their country. Undertaking such a challenge, Kaladi Consulting Services has been writing success stories with its field force software, helping the most stringent and complex supply chains, such as Pharmaceuticals and FMCG in their field force operations.

Bolstering Pharmaceutical& FMCG Industries
Sustaining the distribution network of the pharmaceutical industry in Africa, the company is providing its intuitive and user friendly application to ease the work of sales representatives. Keeping track of stocks, batch expiry and sales orders from Wholesale Pharmacies, collating data on prescription volume, patient turn out,medicine prescriptions from visits to Doctors and managing referrals from Principals can become an arduous task and a sales representative has to make sure to get it right, each time. Planning visits to wholesalers, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies and
keeping track of their transactions, outstandings, and feedback is a time consuming task which is now made easy and intuitive with Kaladi Consulting’s Solution.

Likewise, for the ever demanding needs of the FMCG distribution business be it in Food or Non Food Fast Moving Consumer Goods Kaladi Consulting’s solution helps the Sales Representatives book orders, carry stock and sell, do merchandizing, engage with customers at various levels Whole sale, Semi Wholesale, Retail, Institution, HORECA and the like, and delight the customers with speed and accuracy of the requisite information.

Comprehensive Design Providing End-to-End Support
The company’s field force product not only increases the productivity and efficiency of the sales representatives, but it also improves the visibility of performance metrics and activities. The solution quickly relays information to all stakeholders in a supply chain, be it sales person, sales manager, customer or the head of management. Transmitting controlled and accurate data, the application guarantees accuracy, speed of information adding to the company’s bottomline. Perfectly understanding the need ofend to end integration in an application, the company provides seamless integration of stock data, customer data, product data, pricing data and all other transactions in the back-end of the client’s ERP system. In case of an absence of functioning enterprise system, the company offers its own web application which provides backend support to the Field Force application. The application is designed to run on all the versions of Android with or without internet and supports GPS tracking of personnel.

Kaladi Consulting Services with a team of 40 plus people is all set to release more versions of the product in the African and other markets, including India.