Unique Computer Systems: Enhancing the Efficiency of Enterprise Field Force Operations

CIO Vendor Field Force Automation (FFA) today is being increasingly used by businesses and their executive leaders to enhance both sales and customer service. With the ability to revolutionize how people work in the 21st century, these solutions help to bring specific data to the point of use, provide workers with more tools at their fingertips, and make them more capable ambassadors of their specific brands. As a result, FFA solutions have grown in demand today with research reports forecasting the Global Field Force automation market to expand and grow at a CAGR of 12.8 percent until 2020. However, even with these advancements, implementing and operating FFA solutions is no easy task as businesses often face challenges when it comes to obtaining the right information quickly, digitizing information on-the-go, securing access, creating ubiquitous data connection and visualizing and distributing data.

Perfectly understanding these challenges, UAE headquartered Unique Computer Systems steps forward to address them with new age FFA technology to enhance the overall efficiency of organizations' fieldforce. Founded in 2000, Unique Computer Systems(UCS) is an application development and system integration company that specializes in wireless and internet technologies. With its head office located in the Middle East and partner offices spread across the US, South Africa and India, UCS has been carrying out digitization of field business processes to make the field sales force more productive, increase sales efficiencies and decrease costs. Since 2003,the company has provided its field force solutions to help Pharmaceutical and FMCG distributors improve their customer responsiveness and move towards a “paperless” future. “UCS has always focused on supporting our customers' core business processes when implementing field sales and field automation solutions for them,” affirms Manish Bhatia, Executive Director. “Our ability to provide technical capabilities to interface our field automation solutions with the client's existing ERP and CRM systems, has helped us gain traction in the industry and differentiate ourselves in the market,” he adds.
Speed and precision of the field force software are two of the most crucial factors that contribute to bringing efficiency and boosting the employee performance. Understanding this, UCS has built its fieldforce offering Sales Worx to enable better communication and subsequently optimize the work performance. With tried and tested data synchronization processes, SalesWorx enables fast and reliable communication between the field sales professionals' mobile devices and the back-end servers that are securely interfaced with a company’s ERP or CRM systems. Owing to this functionality, sales reps can directly request information from their central ERP or CRM, related to their customer universe. Moreover, SalesWorx also includes over 100 reports to help managers review field data in near real time and monitor the overall team performance, as well as drill down into an individual sales rep’s performance. This information helps them in not only assessing the best performing customers, areas, categories and products but also in driving key business decisions and better coaching their team members.

UCS has always focused on supporting our customers'core business processes when implementing field sales and field automation solutions for them

Having successfully carried out several FFA implementations in a period of over 15 years, UCS has carved a niche for itself in this domain. Moving forward, the company plans to continue delivering highquality solutions for businesses looking towards digital transformation and mobility. UCS also intends to harness opportunities in AI and Machine Learning to assist clients in responding faster to customer demands and moving towards a more digitally advanced future. As Unique Computer Systems moves forward, they are focusing on bringing innovative additions to SalesWorx and leveraging tools such as intelligent automation, machine learning and predictive analytics, to enhance their customers’ bottom line and address new business challenges.