Teb Solutions: Improved Functioning of Field Force with Fully Autonomous FFA Solution

CIO Vendor The Field Force Automation (FFA) market has been witnessing a steady growth over the years. MarketsandMarkets states that this market is expected to reach 2.8 billion Dollars by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 18.2 percent. Mobility, planning, real-time information management of mobile force and seamless integration of the solution to the existing systems are some of the key customer expectations from a FFA solution provider. However, this was all before the unfortunate pandemic covid19 occurred. The pandemic has catapulted this market to the possibility of achieving even greater heights. With the prediction of such exponential growth, the gradual change in technology and the current solutions available might not be sufficient.

At the outset, organisations especially grocery, LPG, pharma are quickly revamping their business models and introducing home delivery. Advanced AI based field force management systems are being re-configured to help these businesses by demand prediction, dynamic planning , deviation management and advanced tools & technology to motivate the field staff.

Helping efficiently optimize and improve the effectiveness of a plethora of industry vertical’s field forces during a critical time when the world is impacted by a fatal virus is Karnataka headquartered Teb Solutions. The company, incepted in 2016, has worked continuously towards the autonomous planning and scheduling of geographically dispersed field agents, helping them accomplish more on-time deliveries and increase the revenue generation. Once the client is on-board, one can leverage the predictive and prescriptive data analytics, forecasting, what if scenario planning, collaborative decision making and deviation handling to improve competitiveness and sustainability. “We are basically into delivering AI based autonomous supply chain management products and field force
management is one of our key offerings. Over the years, we have worked with medium-sized and large companies along with a few Fortune 500 companies as well, hailing from India and across the globe,” informs Najeeb Narayanan, Co-founder of Teb Solutions.

Enhancing Field Force productivity
PulzyFieldSmart, Teb Solutions’ unique offering, is a ready-to-go infrastructure designed to improve field force productivity and modernize/UBERize last mile delivery of a business.

Over the years, we have worked with medium-sized and large companies along with a few Fortune 500 companies as well, hailing from India and across the globe

It has been equipped with customer apps for capturing customer demand, attaining historical data, performing demand prediction and dynamic planning based on capacity, time slot and distance without human intervention. The delivery plans are then automatically broadcasted to appropriate field staff on their mobile. On finding any deviations in the execution, Pulzy, the ‘Autonomous Cloud Supply Chain Robot', creates a contingency plan and sends the relevant information to the top management. The product can be customised for each industry.

Having carved a niche for itself, the company is further gearing itself up to continue bringing about a positive change in this domain as the market displays massive potential for improvement. Currently, the team of highly experienced individuals are working on customising a product that will cater to local stores and distributors. The team is creating a robust distribution management system considering kirana shops as a local distribution center for last mile delivery and pickup.