Trail: Next Generation Pharma CRM

CIO Vendor Field Force has always been the hardest to manage for Pharma companies, let alone the distribution channel. With new players turning Indian Pharma Industry into a fiercely competitive market, companies today expect two major outcomes through Field Force execution - Brand Experience and Operational Excellence. Establishing a memorable Brand Experience is the only way through which companies can differentiate in a branded generics market like India. This requires rigorous operational excellence in Field Force execution in addition to sound digital strategy. If we look at current solutions in the market, companies are only addressing tactical activities such as call reporting, e-detailing, geo-tracking etc., where sales reps have to plan everything manually and then enter their inputs in the system manually; just a manual stuff in a digital medium. This leads to erratic call planning, inconsistent doctor visits, poor brand continuity and high attrition rates due to job fatigue.

The pharma market has tremendous growth opportunity in field force automation where industries are yet to reap the optimum benefits and features of advanced automation capabilities through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Hence, a true automation where the system serves as a Smart Sales Assistant to sales reps by automating mundane tasks (tour plan, DCR submission, sales data gathering, order management etc.) is what Pharma companies need to differentiate and drive growth in a competitive market.

Delivering Robust Omni-channel Customer Engagement Platform
Focusing on innovation driven value realization for players in Pharma Industry, Trail, based in Chennai has been empowering its clients with the first ever intelligent CRM for Pharma field force in India. One of the major USP of this product is the fact that it enables customer centric approach and democratizes RPA and AI in completely transforming Pharma field force operations, thereby delivering a significant edge in the market against competition. They have been enabling field force to focus on
building lasting relationships with customers by handling all the other mundane operations through AI and automation. Hence, this transformative end-objective brings compelling benefits to Pharma companies in terms of reducing cost to serve while increasing the share of wallet with their partners.

We provide customer intelligence like ROI, prescription pattern, conversion probability, Rep efficiency score, competitor intelligence and much more with easy to use UI

Optimizing Field Sales Efficiency and Productivity
Today, most of the Pharma Reps are manually processing their field call planning which is prone to inconsistent visits, poor brand experience for doctors, insufficient call coverage, among others. Hence understanding the challenges pertaining to manual working culture, Trail has come up with its two robust modules namely Field Trail and Sales Trail to provide end-to-end solution to the aforementioned challenges. Firstly, Field Trail is a module which uses a proprietary algorithm to create an automated daily call plan for Pharma reps by taking various factors like visit interval, customer category, area proximity, required call average, samples and gifts to carry for the day and also maximize coverage. Secondly, Sales Trail module provides intelligent Sales Automation in Primary and Secondary sales management with proprietary algorithm to templatize stockist statements which can be configured once and then reps can simply upload the sales statement without any data preparation; thus saving significant amount of time and effort for reps by enabling them to completely focus on reaching out to more customers in the field. Also, to top it off, both the above modules come with embedded analytics that include various reports, dashboards and AI driven actionable insights.

Furthermore, the company envisions on playing a pivotal role in the entire pharma value chain through its innovation driven products and solutions. They are currently working on huge pipeline of innovative solutions that will enable cognitive transformation in the industry.